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Storm Queue

Putting High Priority Signals First


What is a Storm Queue?

AvantGuard separates signals coming from a disaster area into a storm queue. For example, if there is a power outage because of a wind storm, AvantGuard can prioritize the incoming signals in the storm queue. This prioritization keeps our customers who need the most assistance in the forefront and doesn’t annoy others who don’t need to be alerted repeatedly. Our storm queue allows our operators to maintain speedy response times to the highest priority signals. 


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How a Storm Queue Works

In the event of a natural disaster, AvantGuard separates signals coming from affected areas into a storm queue. This achieves a few things:

  • It allows AvantGuard to maintain response times for the rest of the country
  • It doesn’t send repeated notifications to customers in the affected area
  • It doesn’t bombard our operators with low priority alerts and allows them to respond to the highest priority alerts first