caller id injection

Caller ID Injection

A touch of professionalism, a strategy for better answer rates

Why Do I Need Caller ID Injection?

It gives you the ability to demonstrate an all-in-one service package to your customers.  When you set up the service with your phone company, we can inject any phone number and name to appear on the subscriber’s phone making us a transparent partner. When we answer the phone, we represent you and your company by using your name. So, from the subscriber’s point of view, they never know who AvantGuard is. 

How does it work?

Dealer "X" in South Florida receives a local phone number that he owns and controls (it can be a regular POTS, SIP, or a market expansion number). He then forwards that number into AvantGuard's monitoring facility. Whenever, AvantGuard calls any of Dealer X's subscribers, AvantGuard will inject Dealer X's local phone number to show up on the subscriber's caller ID. Not only will the number show up, but the dealer's name will as well. If the customer calls back using the number appearing on his/her caller ID, the call will ring to AvantGuard. An AvantGuard operator can then answer the call saying, "Thank you for calling Dealer ‘X,’ how may I help you?"

Why should I use it?

  1. The customer is more likely to answer the phone if the name that appears on the caller ID is someone they know.
  2. It helps dealers professionalize their brand and overall image.

How is it set up?

You must make an account with the phone company in your name. That name on the account with the phone company is the what will show up on the caller ID. We cannot inject the name of the dealer and can only inject a number, but when we inject a number that is owned by the dealer, the phone company can attach the name. After the dealer creates this account, AvantGuard gives them a "point-to" number. The dealer will then forward the caller ID injection number to this point-to number which will ring into AvantGuard. Sound complicated? We can help.

Can a Toll-Free number be used?

Yes. The question is whether or not a name will follow the toll free number or just show up as "Toll Free" to the receiving party. Some carriers are more successful than others in implementing this. Ask your carrier for specifics.

Make It Personal

Getting Caller-ID Injection set up is a fairly simple process and it adds an extra layer of trust to your reputation. Get in contact with us to learn more about it, or get set up today. 


Wholesale Monitoring

Traditionally, a 3rd-party monitoring center doesn’t function as a main office. Fortunately for our dealer network, we are not traditionalists.

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