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Auto Processes

To learn how automation can streamline signals for both operators and customers


What Does Automation Do?

Our automated processes help both our customers and our operators. For our customers, it can save them from receiving calls from the monitoring center for low-priority signals, such as a low-battery alert from an alarm. Instead, the customer can automatically receive a simple text which they can respond to at a later time. For our operators, since the automated response is in place to handle the low-priority signal, it allows our operators to focus more time on higher priority signals.


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To learn how automation helps both operators and customers


How Automation Can Help Your Business

Other areas where AvantGuard’s auto-processes assist are:

  • Sending documentation to technicians immediately
  • Provides customer a window to disregard unnecessary dispatch
  • Triggers IVR to both dealers and customers
  • Provides opportunity to request dispatch immediately