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Auto Dial 

Improving Efficiency For Your Central Station


What is Auto Dial?

Auto Dial is an add-on feature to AvantGuard’s Hybrid Monitoring service, which automatically dials the primary contact’s number after an operator opens a signal to begin handling it. Without Auto Dial, central station operators have to manually enter phone numbers, increasing the chances of human error and slowing down the time it takes to get in touch with subscribers.

If you are looking into establishing a hybrid-monitoring partnership with AvantGuard, then you are likely looking at the addon options that are available to you. Auto Dial is a feature that requires on-site hardware before it can be implemented, and, once in place, it can reduce average signal handle times significantly while reducing human error rates at the same time.


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Improving Operator Work

It is basically guaranteed that each AvantGuard operator would immediately attest to the usefulness and essential nature of the Auto Dial feature. As you make plans for your own central station, and make decisions about what is necessary and what is not, auto dial should be at the top. Although seemingly small, auto dial plays a major role in maintaining the efficiency of operator work.

Interested In Adding Auto Dial?

Our auto dial feature can: 

  • Speed up operator times
  • Reduce human error
  • Automate operations