Selling Your Services on Amazon

A Step By Step Guide


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Before We Get Started

Having your services listed on Amazon is a huge opportunity for security system installers, low voltage businesses, and integrators. Amazon serves millions upon millions of users daily, so taking advantage of Amazon is a great way to get jobs sent your way. Not only is it convenient to get work sent to you, but you can also set where you want to work. It really is a great opportunity for dealers and installers.

This guide explains the potential opportunity that selling your services on Amazon offers, as well as provides a step-by-step guide on how to apply to sell your services on Amazon. We’ll also present additional topics and links throughout that will help educate you on this topic.

What Is Sell Your Services on Amazon?

When you purchase items on Amazon, some items come with an option to also pay for professional installation:

For a handful of different professions (but for this guide specifically, security and low voltage installers), that little box allows you to receive installation jobs on orders, through Amazon that are in your area.

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1. Why You Should Sell Your Services on Amazon

You might be saying, “That little button on that product box above doesn’t seem like a big deal.” But consider this: Amazon currently has over 300 million active customers. Amazon, in the United States alone has over 195 million unique monthly visitors. Finally, Amazon reported 1.5 billion dollars in sales by third-party businesses during Prime Day in 2018. That might not seem like it applies to selling services, but someone is out there installing those products, right?

According to Amazon, since third-party sellers started selling on Amazon, third-parties have accounted for over half of Amazon sales. Amazon provides the opportunity for hundreds of millions of people to potentially request your services. That opportunity alone is worth selling your services on Amazon.

2. How Much Does It Cost To Sell Services On Amazon

One of the nice things about selling services on Amazon is that there aren’t any upfront fees. If you were to sell physical products on Amazon, there is a two fee system: per item sale fee and monthly subscription fee. For selling services, however, you won’t pay any signup fees or lead fees. But, Amazon does still take a small cut of your services. Amazon does this one of two ways: pre-packaged service fees or recurring services fees.

Pre-packaged Services

According to our hiring and customer satisfaction statistics, operators who demonstrate the three characteristics produce the greatest level of customer service and operational output. In terms of efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. Empathy is an obvious characteristic, because empathy is essential for any person who works to provide meaningful and personable customer service.

Recurring Services

Attention to detail goes without saying, because if an operator is incapable of following the standard operating procedures for specific incident types then the subscriber will not receive the response they need in a timely manner. An operator with a close attention to detail will properly document incidents, respond to important details provided by subscribers under stress and efficiently deliver solutions to problems.

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3. How Selling Services on Amazon Works

You might be wondering how people are going to find your services. You can check out the  Amazon Home Services web page to see how the services are displayed. Buyers will also be prompted to purchase professional installation (remember the button above) when they buy products that installers are licensed and registered to install.

Once a user buys a product and also purchases professional installation, that’s when the jobs start rolling in. Amazon Installation Pros get jobs in two ways: offer-based jobs and claim-based jobs, which we will get into in a later section.

Now that you know all the advantages of selling your services on Amazon, let’s get to actually becoming an Amazon Pro Installer. Below, we break down what steps you will need to take, and what is needed in order to apply.

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4. What You Will Need Before You Apply

Now that you know all the advantages of selling your services on Amazon, let’s get to actually becoming an Amazon Pro Installer. Below, we break down what steps you will need to take, and what is needed in order to apply.

Your application will get turned down (and the road to becoming an Amazon Pro Installer will end before it even began) if your business is not insured. Before you apply, you will need general liability insurance that has a limit of $1,000,000. You will have to provide this information once you register, so it's best to make sure that this step has been done properly.

CTA_Learn_More_ Amazon

When you select a trade––whether it’s a general contractor or an electrician––you will need to provide your licensing information. There are low voltage jobs in some states that don’t require licensing, but you will need to have proof of license if you want to apply. Amazon doesn’t care if you have 20 years of experience––if you don’t have the correct licensing, you won’t be able to further your application process.

The business license will also need to be valid for at least 45 days before registration. You won’t be able to sell on Amazon with a brand new business license. 

Next, you’ll also need to include your company website. If you don’t have a company website, you should strongly consider it; you might be leaving many business opportunities on the table. 

Consider these statistics:
  1. Nearly 42% of people google a person or business before doing business with them.
  2. Almost 70% of people view the internet as the most trusted source about companies.
  3. Businesses with an online website generate 25% more business.

You don’t have to be a web expert to be able to build your own website. There are a number of different web page builders that you can use to build and maintain your website for a low monthly cost. Below are a handful of helpful and easy options to help you build a website: 

  • WordPress
  • Webflow
  • Squarespace
  • Wix


Finally, Amazon will ask for an online review of your business. Why is this important (other than the fact that Amazon won’t accept you without it)? Because online reviews say more about your business than you might expect.

Consider these statistics: 
  1. 45% of people will decide not to do business with a company if they find something negative online about the company.
  2. A business with two negative postings/reviews about their company online will likely lose out on 44% of customers.
That’s why it is incredibly important to do your best work at all times and to collect feedback. People post their experiences on the internet which will affect your business at some point in time.

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5. Applying on Amazon

If you have all of your insurance and licensing in place, then you are ready to apply to sell your services on Amazon. Once you’re ready, you’ll have to fill out this form: 

Amazon Sellers Applications

When you are ready, you can go here to apply: Amazon Pro Installers Application.

Register Your Account

If your application gets accepted by Amazon, then you will get an email with an activation code to register as a seller on Amazon. After you use the activation code, you will need to complete the registration process. Below we have broken down the registration process step-by-step. 

Step 1: Personal Information and Password

Here you will create user-information and set a password.

Input Personal Information and Password copy

Step 2: Business Name and Terms of Service

Here you will enter the name of your business and agree to Amazon’s service terms. There will be a link to visit the terms of service if you want to review it before you agree. You can also take a look at the agreement here. We know it’s easy to simply check the box and move on with the process, but we recommend reading the document to ensure you actually agree with the terms. 

Business Name and Terms of Service copy

Step 3: Business Information

Here you will enter in all of your business information and details. It is best to use your cell phone because Amazon will use this number to verify that your business is real. Amazon will do this by either calling you or texting you a PIN. You will then enter the PIN and you will be verified as a person (instead of a bot). 

business information copy

Bank and Deposit 

You will need to fill out bank information so you can get paid for the work you complete through Amazon Sellers Services. 

bank deposit

Start Receiving Jobs

There are two ways to receive jobs on Amazon: 

Offer-based jobs – Amazon Pro Installers first set their estimates for customers to see. Then, customers can search for specific installers, see the estimate and submit three different appointment times. The installer will receive an email when they have been selected and the customer and installer will work out the best time for the job to be completed.

Claim-based jobs – This happens when a consumer purchases a product, such as a security camera, but does not specifically select an installer. Amazon then looks at competitive estimates around the area of the purchaser and sends the job to all the installers within the customer’s ZIP code. Installers are notified through Amazon’s Selling Services App.

One of the best ways to manage your service jobs is via the Amazon Service Sellers app. 

amazon app image 1

On the homepage of the app, you will find all of your scheduling and tasks. Here you can see the job requests and choose to take/decline jobs. 

amazon app image 2

For claim-based jobs, you can see the location of the job to help you determine if it’s a valuable job for your company. You can also see details about the job and change the price based on the amount of work it is going to take.

amazon app image 3

You can also see a list of all the jobs you have scheduled. This makes it easy and simple to keep track of all of your past, present, and future jobs. 

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6. Conclusion

Selling services on Amazon doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Amazon presents a wonderful opportunity to drive more traffic to your business, gain more positive online reviews, and make your online presence stronger. According to, this year, 113,098,076 seller feedback reviews were written and posted on Amazon. Of those, only 4% were negative. When you sell your services, and do a good job, people will publicly praise your business. This will lead to more jobs and more profit for your company, whether that’s through Amazon or outside resources.

Amazon currently has more than 300 million users. In fact, 89% of buyers are more likely to buy products and services from Amazon than other ecommerce websites. So, when your service is on Amazon, users will automatically trust that your business will provide top-notch service.

In short, it is a really smart idea to sell your services on Amazon. We hope this guide gets you going in the right direction. 

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