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AvantGuard's Industry Glossary


General Packet Radio Service (Gprs)

Gprs is a packet-based wireless communication service. it is based on global system for mobile communication (gsm) and complements existing services like short message service (sms) and multimedia messaging service (mms). gprs packet based services are faster and cost less than circuit-switched services since communication channels are used on a shared-use, as-packets-are-needed basis instead of dedicated to one user at a time.


A digital perimeter programed into a geographical area. this can take the form of a predefined set of boundaries or as a radius around a designated point.

Glassbreak Detector (Gbd)

A security system device that detects the sound frequency made by breaking glass. a glassbreak detector houses a highly sensitive microphone that can detect the exact frequency of broken glass. gdbs, along with motion detectors, are devices used for interior monitoring to provide another layer of protection beyond exterior monitoring. one gbd can usually protect every window in a room and should be mounted on the wall across from the windows it is meant to protect. gbds are preferable over motion detectors when large animals live in the alarms premise, since they work while the security system is in stay mode without causing false alarms.

Global Data Protection Regulation (Gdpr)

A piece of legislation that was adopted by the european parliament in april 2016 that regulates how companies protect eu citizens' personal data. the gdpr is a heavy-hitting topic since it affects even companies that aren't based out of the european union and sets a precedent for businesses around the globe.

Global Positioning System

The global positioning system is a free service provided by the united states government. it is structured by several satellites that orbit the earth and require cloudless skies to function. gps monitoring is frequently implemented in pers devices, crash detection and lone worker devices so emergency help can be sent to the exact location of the incident.

Google Duplex

An advanced personal assistant that is capable of setting appointments, understanding accents and holding adaptive conversation with people. google duplex is the most advanced personal assistant available to users and surpasses the capabilities of siri.

Gps Monitoring

A form of monitoring that identifies the location of a user’s device after an emergency event. gps monitoring not only leverages the existing global positioning system network of orbiting satellites, but can also use cellular networks to track a user’s location. in a typical monitoring scenario, cellular locating is more accurate because of its ability to track users inside of buildings and even under cloudy skies.