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AvantGuard's Industry Glossary

Local Smoke Detector

A battery-powered smoke detector that is not monitored by a central monitoring station. these devices are typically installed in buildings where local codes require a certain number of local smoke detectors that can warn occupants of a potential emergency.

Monitored Smoke Detector

Monitored smoke detectors go a step further than normal smoke detectors by adding an extra level of protection to the structure and its occupants. while a local smoke detector will only sound a local siren, a monitored smoke detector sounds a local siren and also sends an alarm signal to a central monitoring station so that the local fire department can be sent to investigate the scene.

Smoke Detector

A device that is designed to detect gas that is created by fires and other hazardous sources. many smoke detectors are capable of tracking carbon monoxide gas, which is a silent killer and in its natural form is unnoticeable to the human nose.