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AvantGuard's Industry Glossary

Local Security System

An intrusion detection system that is not monitored by a central monitoring station. the local security system style is becoming more popular with the advent of diy security systems because of the lower cost and ease of installation. systems that automatically request police dispatch, however, cause serious false alarm problems and make impending legislation more harsh for legitimate monitoring operations.

Monitored Security System

A security system that is continually under watch by a professional central monitoring station. most security systems are designed to first warn the intruders that the intrusion is being tracked, then the monitoring portion follows up with the hope of catching the intruder and investigating the scene.

Security System

A system comprised of a control panel, sensors and trigger points that monitor for unauthorized behavior. most security systems use devices like security cameras, smoke detectors, door and window contact sensors, and motion detectors to prevent property damage and theft as well as protect human life and aid local police departments in apprehending offenders.

Ssn - Security Systems News

One of the largest industry publications that specializes in reporting on electronic security-related stories and especially on mergers and acquisitions. security systems news has even organized their own industry event called cloud+ which specializes in cloud-based security, a growing topic in the electronic security industry. security systems news is owned by united publications,inc., an umbrella company for brands like industry publication, hme news; and technology conference, tecsec.

Wireless Security System

A security system that does not use any wires. each alarm device reports back to the control panel using a rf wireless signal and is typically powered by batteries.