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Monitoring Solutions for a Connected World

  • Wholesale Monitoring
  • Video Monitoring
  • 24-Hour Answering Service
  • GPS & Wifi Locating
  • 2-Way Voice Service
  • Full API Integrations
  • Private Label Web Access
  • Caller ID Injection
  • Dealer Vanity Lines
  • 24 Hour Dealer Support
  • AG Chat
  • AvantGuard Mobile App

How many subscribers do you have?
If you are starting a new business, please estimate how many you will have within three months.

How many operator handled signals do you estimate per month?
The number of signals you produce in a month is directly tied to the amount billed per account. Jump to Average

Add Ons
AG Chat

AG Chat is a complimentary service that comes with security alarm monitoring services.
Caller ID Injection

Implementing Caller ID injection allows your subscribers to see that calls from our central station are from you.
Vanity Line

When your subscribers call into our central station, we will answer in your business name.

Answering Service
Estimate the amount of answering service minutes you will need. $1.25/min.
Total Cost:

Video Monitoring
Estimate how many individual cameras you have, or will have to monitor. (Count each camera, not complete systems.)
Total Cost:


Alarm Factor
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Price Per Subscriber
Price Per Month

We've estimated your monthly cost based on the options you've selected above. This cost may change after gathering more information from one of our Monitoring Specialists.

Professional Monitoring

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