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The name AvantGuard (pronounced av΄ent gärd) was derived from the word avant-garde, meaning "leaders in new and revolutionary ideas.” It fits our company perfectly as we are indeed leaders and revolutionaries in wholesale alarm monitoring. We invite you to learn more our seven ingredients of superior monitoring services here. We'd love to answer your specific questions. Please feel free to contact us here,  or fill out the quick contact form located at the top left of every page. Additional detailed information can be found below:

2-Way Voice Monitoring

The service that is provided by AvantGuard Monitoring centers is wholesale alarm monitoring and since we are the leaders in our field, we offer thousands of subscribers and dealers around the country the assurance that their security is our primary concern. In order to achieve the very best monitoring, we offer the best technology, a fast response and complete adherence to guidelines and procedures. Forming part of the wholesale monitoring service is 2-way voice monitoring, fire and burglary as well as removed video monitor. Two-way voice monitoring has become popular and is able to greatly reduce false alarms, as during an emergency situation, an intercom will be switched on an AvantGuard will speak through this intercom and either find out if there is an emergency or actually challenge the intruder. Due to the fact that the intercom used for 2-way voice monitoring is strategically placed, the voice on the intercom will be heard throughout the house.   Benefits of 2-Way Voice Monitoring In addition, to keep the home safe with 2-way voice monitoring, should the homeowner be unable to make it to the phone, they will be able to simply announce the emergency to the dispatcher at AvantGuard. Many homeowners prefer two-way voice monitoring to remote video monitoring, as many homeowners feel that their privacy is invaded with video monitoring. Another advantage of 2-way voice monitoring is that if a fire alarm is sounded, the dispatcher can learn if there is a person trapped in the home, and the victim can give their exact location, as well as convey their condition. When a burglary alarm is activated, the 2-way voice monitoring will allow the dispatcher to notify the intruder that the home is alarmed and that monitoring is taking place, and this usually deters any would-be intruder. With so many homes being fitted with audible alarms, many neighbors choose to ignore a noisy alarm; however, with 2-way voice monitoring, help is continually at hand and for virtually every emergency situation, the 2-way voice monitoring is able to provide the home's inhabitants with reassurance and with the fact that the correct emergency services will be dispatched.   Additional Services In addition to 2-way voice monitoring, AvantGuard offers elevator monitoring, automatic paging, twenty-four hour data entry and cellular back. For those who wish to learn more about AvantGuard monitoring services and to find out more about the benefits of two-way voice monitoring, feel free to look around our website. Regardless of the emergency situation, whether it is fire, burglary, or a medical emergency, 2-way voice monitoring can save lives and it will allow your home's security to be successfully monitored from a remote location. AvantGuard offers the very best in wholesale alarm monitoring, which offers a number of life-saving benefits such as 2-way voice monitoring. Do not leave the security of your home or commercial establishment to chance - enlist the monitoring services of AvantGuard and receive a state-of-the-art monitoring service.

What Makes AvantGuard an Industry Leader

AvantGuard is indeed a leader and quite revolutionary in the manner in which it provides wholesale alarm monitoring centers and other services to security dealers across the country. There are several ways in which Avantguard lives up to the name AvantGuard. Firstly, the facility is among the first wholesale alarm monitoring center companies to have two active redundant central stations, exceeding UL requirements and delivering even greater peace of mind to our dealers and subscribers.Next, the AvantGuard alarm monitoring centers are committed to personalized service. While the trend in the industry is to move towards more automated services (i.e. auto-attendants, VRT's, etc.), AvantGuard is fully focused on providing a more personal approach.   While AvantGuard agrees that there is certainly a place for automated services, such as automatic emails and web access, there are countless instances when there can be no substitution for a live, trained professional. At AvantGuard, a live operator will always answer the calls of its customers and subscribers.The primary service of AvantGuard is to provide wholesale alarm monitoring centers services to independent security alarm dealers around the country. The security and safety of AvantGuard's dealers' customers are a priority. In addition to providing the monitoring services of the alarm monitoring centers, AvantGuard offers valuable business services, such as third party billing and financing programs.   The goal of AvantGuard is to provide a high quality service to all its security dealers that will allow them to focus on growing their businesses. For customers requiring more information regarding the alarm monitoring centers' services or any of the other offered services, AvantGuard has two twenty-four hour UL listed alarm monitoring centers to service its dealers. The alarm monitoring center providers, AvantGuard, recommend the Tacoma, Washington monitoring center service, which caters specifically to the needs of dealers in the Northwest, and the Ogden, Utah national monitoring centers services for dealers nationwide. GE Monitoring Automation Systems' software allows both central monitoring stations to back up one another.

Alarm Monitoring Companies

When the task of alarm monitoring companies is performed effectively, the result is very satisfying. When it's done poorly, it can be a disaster. It's for this reason that we're  so committed to valuing customers above all and taking the input that they receive to further improve their businesses. That's why there's no wasting time at AvantGuard; neither theirs nor yours. It's their priority to get the job done right the first time. It's good to know that you can find an alarm company online that truly has your best interests and complete safety in mind. Trust them to be there every step of the way, and whenever you truly need them the most. Feel like you're in the best hands, and you better believe that you're going to be sleeping better at night.   The bottom line is that there's a great place to get dependable alarm monitoring services, and more and more people will attest to that place being AvantGuard. It's also good to know that you can schedule your service conveniently online with AvantGuard, so that your alarm monitoring services are more accessible and convenient to you. You're not going to do your alarm monitoring company's work for yourself, for crying out loud! Not when you can get excellent and trustworthy service from AvantGuard. Simply hop online and check out the great services we have to offer at agmonitoring.com. Perhaps today is the day to see what AvantGuard has to offer you for superior alarm monitoring services that you can count on. Visit agmonitoring.com today to learn more.

Alarm System Monitoring

AvantGuard monitoring definitely leads the way when it concerns alarm system monitoring, offering everything from a central monitoring station of security alarm systems, to fire, burglar, medical and hold-up alarm monitoring and response. Instead of an automated electronic system, which can give you many false alarms, a two-way voice monitoring system allows prdoper verification of a triggered alarm, which reduces false alarms, and in turn, causes unnecessary responses. Two-way voice monitoring allows the operator to listen to the protected location, and verify the break-in or problem. Code words or phrases can be set up for use when people are under duress, which will allow verification that the alarm needs proper response by the relevant emergency services.   AvantGuard offers you two-way voice monitoring setup, and is managed by expert, well-trained staff at our call centers for your peace of mind. Wholesale alarm monitoring We offer wholesale alarm monitoring to security dealers nationwide, through our fully outfitted, state-of-the-art centers located in Utah and Washington, with two-way voice monitoring services that avoids the unnecessary dispatch of emergency services for false alarms. During a hold-up an alarm can be triggered, and if the individual or group is under duress, a code word or system can trigger response. Operators that are highly trained will be able to dispatch the police or relevant service without alerting an intruder. For medical emergencies, two-way voice monitoring is also extremely useful for people who are ill and unable to respond to our operators. There is no substitute for a human operator where it concerns two-way voice monitoring for avoidance of false alarms, and for the correct emergency services responses in the time of need. Everyone throughout the United States is aware of the expert two-way voice monitoring 911 service for emergencies, and for security alarms, two-way voice monitoring   AvantGuard can also provide a parallel service. Many companies use automated electronic systems that trigger dial-up to emergency services for fires, break-in, and other security breaches. Unfortunately, these can be compromised and inaccurate, and after a few false alarms, when it does happen that a real problem occurs, the response may not be so timely. Getting started Take some time to read up about Avant Guard security monitoring services, which will convince you that we are a highly rated professional service already serving dozens of clients, from large corporations to small businesses with wholesale security monitoring and two-way voice monitoring services offered to security dealers nationwide. We are dedicated to perfection, always going the extra mile to provide you with peace of mind of two-way voice monitoring verification of alarms, with a variety of value added services as well. Remember, false alarms are like the fable about the little boy who cried wolf, and after too many of these, eventually emergency services will believe it to be a false alarm when something serious is really happening. Two-way voice monitoring with a live operator is the solution with AvantGuard. Contact us today to receive additional information concerning our alarm system monitoring!