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Crash Detection Monitoring

Protecting drivers through unexpected events

Crash detection technology provides benefit to everyone in the event of a car crash or accident. When a car collision happens, crash detection devices–provided in the car itself, or by a third party–connect an operator with the occupants in the car. This technology is incredibly efficient and works to get help on scene as quickly as possible. In addition to merely detecting car collisions, many third-party crash detection devices provide tracking details for parents or caretakers to help make sure people get to where they need to go.

Monitoring Crash Detection Devices

Crash detection devices are particularly helpful for businesses who need fleet management tools for technicians. They also are helpful to families who want to keep track of teenagers or seniors.

We have developed unique and scalable action plans for crash detection devices that deliver the most efficient and effective response possible. They verify the status of the car’s occupants, identify the location of the car and connect with emergency dispatch services to send help as quickly as possible.

Location Tracking

Locating subscribers after an accident occurs is essential, especially when car occupants aren’t able to provide their whereabouts. AvantGuard’s central station technology is capable of tracking the position of subscribers and delivering that information to emergency dispatch services. In addition, our state-of-the art redundancy and signal communication technology deliver the most reliable service possible.

Data Storage and Encryption

All the data collected from these devices is available to dealers whenever they need to access it. Our central station automation software provides reporting insights and individual customer details to help optimize each account. To take it a step further, all your data is encrypted to keep anyone from being able to access the information and use it.

Monitoring Your Connected Devices

Internet Protocol (IP) monitoring is essential technology to have for any device connected to the internet. AvantGuard specializes in making sure your devices get the right response, every time. 

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