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Marva, AG HERO

Strength, Safety, Stability

Ogden 2017 Summer Party
Marva, AG HERO
Marva, AG HERO





“When someone saves a life they are a HERO. When you save many lives a day, they work at AvantGuard!” – Kevin Whited, August 2012

Why does AvantGuard exist?

We exist to help people. It’s that simple, but the expanded answer is that we make the world a better place because of our expertise and the service that we deliver.

How do we behave?

This is defined by our core values: We Care, We’re Fun, We’re Innovative, We value Relationships, We give great Service, and We build and extend Trust. In short, We Care, F.I.R.S.T.

What do we do?

Simple. We provide 24/7 monitoring services.

How do we succeed?

We have 7 ingredients of successful monitoring. They are: • The Right People • The Right Technology • Impeccable Data Entry • Correct Procedures • Strict Adherence to Procedures • Fast, Accurate Response Time • Professional and Courteous Service

How do we take care of each other?

We all have minor financial setbacks. As an AvantGuard family, we're there to help each other with a program called AG Cares, where team members donate a dollar or two from every paycheck to the AG Cares Foundation. It may not seem like much, but when we add it all together and the company matches the amount donated, we’re able to help each other in a real, tangible way. AG Team Members can apply for an AG Cares Grant, knowing their request remains private. The AG Cares Committee will never know the name of the individual applying. Team Members can apply for a grant by clicking the button under the video on this page.