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Factory Mutual (FM) Approved is a world-wide leader in third-party testing and certification services. They specialize in property-loss prevention products and services in the commercial and industrial spaces. Their inspection processes are backed by scientific research and on-site testing.

What Is FM Approved?

FM Approved is an organization that began delivering approvals in 1886. Their longstanding history first began testing for fire protection on hydraulic systems. Since then, they have set standards for a significant portion of the security, PERS, fire and IoT industries.

Especially for central station monitoring companies, FM approval helps dealers rest assured that their monitoring partner has been properly inspected by a third-party organization. As a leading authority in their field, FM Approved is a well-recognized brand that dealers and subscribers alike can see as an added level of verification.

Why Is AvantGuard FM Approved?

AvantGuard is FM approved because of the safety standards associated with FM approval. Its brand recognition is paramount–especially in the industries that AvantGuard serves–to help dealers recognize that AvantGuard is a leader in subscriber safety and property protection.

How Does It Help AG Dealers?

As AvantGuard maintains its FM Approval, it serves as a signal that we are maintaining the same service and technological standards as always. In addition, it serves as a third party inspector to help ensure we don’t miss any crucial details.

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