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What Is The Electronic Security Association?

The Electronic Security Association (ESA) is a trade association that addresses the needs of the security, fire, video and access control industries. AvantGuard’s presence in the security space makes it a meaningful association to be a part of because it keeps us connected to dealers and the issues they face.

The ESA represents companies and organizations in the electronic-security and life-safety industries. It works with, and is guided by companies that install, integrate and monitor security systems, fire detectors, video surveillance systems, and electronic access control systems in the residential and commercial spaces.

As the leading association in its field, the ESA is a standalone entity that helps dealers by offering training, lobbying for new and improving legislation and even helps keep dealers informed with advice based on industry trends, and gives them tools to improve and grow their companies.

Why Is AvantGuard A Member Of The ESA?

AvantGuard is a member of the ESA because it is the most influential and helpful organization in its field. Because it works with such a broad array of dealers, spanning multiple disciplines, its breadth of knowledge and influence reaches more people.

The ESA has been a vital ally to dealers across the United States as it provides essential resources to dealers and provides a unified voice as it confronts challenges for dealers.

How Does It Help AG Dealers?

As AvantGuard continues to participate in the ESA, it is able to bring the voice of the monitoring center to attention. This is crucial since dealers and monitoring centers work so closely to protect the lives and property of subscribers. As long as consumer and dealer needs evolve, AvantGuard will continue to be at the forefront of new and revolutionary ideas.

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