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AG Process

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AG Process

So, what happens after the contract is signed?


One of our onboarding specialists gets in contact with you to begin the onboarding process.


They set up your requested services and assign a representative to be your point of contact.


The onboarding specialist also assesses your technology needs and makes an implementation plan based on the requests in your contract.


For dealers who need to transfer accounts, our dealer services team goes through our rigorous checklist to make sure every point of data is accounted for.

The onboarding specialist will set up requested reports

(If a custom report needs to be created, our development team steps in.)


Stages training is set up for the dealer and teamed up with their assigned representative.


We adapt to you

Alarm companies often feel that they must choose between providing an intimate customer experience or saving significant capital by outsourcing their monitroing center.

Good News! We offer the best of both worlds.

Learn how you can customize your central-station partnership options with AvantGuard while maintaining the control you want.

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