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Video Analytics Provider BriefCam Offers Solutions for COVID

Jun 8, 2020 12:15:00 PM

As new technology is beginning to be utilized as solutions to return to some sort of normalcy, BriefCam is going above and beyond. They have developed a series of features to help regulate not only social distancing, but proper PPE, contact tracing, and more.


The Boston-based video analytic company has announced these new features along with version 5.6.1 of their platform. These new features will help to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, along with assisting businesses to reopen in the coming months. 

Proximity Monitoring

This feature helps ensure proper distance is maintained between people. The viewer will be able to see if social distancing was violated, the duration of the violation, and further, who else came in close contact with the subject.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Detection

This feature provides the user with the ability to search for those with or without face masks, as well as provides alerts in real time for people neglecting to use their proper PPE. This means it will require less man-power to ensure everyone is taking the proper safety precautions, as the AI with this video platform can detect it.

Occupancy Tracker

The platform will be able to track the foot traffic entering and exiting the specified area monitored by the cameras. It is capable of alerting the user in real-time when an area has met a certain occupancy threshold, but also further provides important information about the occupancy of an area throughout the day. 

What's Next

The release of the full capabilities for version 5.6.1 is planned for August of 2020, however, some of the features are already available. Timer Saar, VP of BriefCam, stated “our video analytics platform has greatly expanded in its ability to offer new use cases for accelerating video investigations over the last year.”

"During this pandemic, we are proud to be able to offer organizations and businesses the critical tools through our proximity identification, face mask detection and occupancy controller capabilities to help them reopen their organizations and places of businesses while protecting their employees and customers," said Saar.

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