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Understanding Central Station Redundancy | AG Weekly

Rich Watts
Oct 26, 2018 8:05:00 AM

Rich Watts, AvantGuard VP of Technology discusses central station redundancy, what it involves and how it must be implemented to ensure it will work when it's needed.


What Is Central Station Redundancy?

It's a practice to make sure that that you have primary and secondary systems that can actively take over for each other should something happen to either of those systems.

What Are The Core Aspects of Redundancy?

In terms of redundancy at a Central Station, the core aspects would certainly include anything that includes the way we get a signal from one of our subscribers. So that might be internet connectivity, receivers, or network. And then of course the underlying application that allows us to process those alarms. We have to make sure that that we have redundant components of all of that so that we make sure that there is no way that we get an interruption to those signals.

How Important Is An Immediate Failover System?

It is really really critical that systems, in the event of a failure or maintenance or anything else that might take it down, fails over immediately without manual intervention. If there's manual intervention, there's time involved and there's potential mistakes by the person that's doing that intervention. So we need to program our systems that they happen automatically without any interruption to the traffic of those alarm signals.

How Is AvantGuard's Technology Different From Others?

You know one of the things I love about Avantguard is how much we've invested in our technology. We have two fully redundant hot hot sites, both completely capable of handling all of our alarms. So if heaven forbid something were to happen to this great facility that we're in right now, the other site could completely take the load. And so there is a great level of confidence that we can that we can process alarms and keep taking care of our customers.

Why Is Redundancy Important?

You know that's one of the things I most love that working at AvantGuard is because every day we're protecting people their lives their property their loved ones. So redundancy is super important because in the end we're making sure that people are safe.

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