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Top Tech to Look for at ISC West 2019

Mandee Thomas
Apr 8, 2019 12:14:13 PM

The long anticipated ISC West 2019 is happening this week. And with so many exhibitors and events, we’d like to showcase some non-traditional products featuring capabilities not normally found in the security industry that you’ll be able to check out while you’re there.

HALO IOT Smart Sensor

Image Credit: IPVideo Corporation

The HALO IOT Smart Sensor was developed to monitor a variety of events in the security space, including glass breaking, gunshots, carbon monoxide/carbon dioxide detection, vapor or smoke detection, and more. Its aim is to become the standard for government agencies and combat things like active shooters in schools.

IPVideo Corporation, the manufacturer behind the HALO IOT Smart Sensor, will be recognized at ISC West as a 2019 Govies Government Security Award winner in two categories: Emergency Communication Systems and Intelligent Communications for their HALO IOT Smart Sensor.

David Antar, President of the company, believes that their solution is practical for a number of reasons.

“HALO provides real time alerting to security personnel in areas that are not conducive to cameras such as bathrooms, offices and locker rooms in addition to providing alerts in areas that cameras are traditionally installed,” he states. “In this age of tight government budgets, the HALO IOT Smart Sensor allows security teams to provide improved security with less staff and investment.”

License Plate Recognition & Video Management Software

license_plate_recognitionImage Credit: PlateSmart Technologies

PlateSmart Technologies specializes in software-based vehicle identification and video analytics. PlateSmart’s solution records license plate number, state jurisdiction, and vehicle make recognition in real-time and reports it to users. The unique thing about PlateSmart is that the technology can integrate with both top-of-the-line and legacy cameras.

Almost one year ago, PlateSmart Technologies partnered with Geutebrück, a German-based company, in order to make use of their video management software. Now they are ready to demo their system at ISC West this week.

Mike Budz, director of sales at PlateSmart believes that their solution can be a viable way to prevent not only crime, but terrorism as well.

“Increased threats of crime and terrorism is driving the need for air-tight physical security,” he says. “Geutebrück VMS users will now be able to keep their facilities even safer with the PlateSmart ARES ALPR. Every camera connected to the VMS can be used to scan passing license plates and compare them to known people of interest, terminated employees, or any hot list the customer creates.”

Aureus 3D-AI Enterprise


CyberExtruder, a New Jersey-based facial recognition company, will be showcasing their new, enterprise, 3D facial recognition system at ISC West. Aureus 3D-AI Enterprise, as it is named, is facial recognition technology designed to be implemented on a large scale and across numerous locations and camera networks.

And, according to CyberExtruder CEO Paul Nicholas, this wasn’t just a decision made from the top: this solution in response to popular demand from customers.

“Our customers were asking for the ability to easily scale to large deployments supporting thousands of cameras across multiple sites that incorporate the same efficiency, simplicity, and flexibility we are known for,” he says. “We answered the call.”

Come Relax with Us

There is certainly not going to be any shortage of things to learn about and see at ISC West this year. With all the excitement going on, don’t forget to take some time for yourself.

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