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The Cybersecurity Rundown: October 19, 2020

Oct 19, 2020 12:00:00 PM

Below you'll find the most recent cybersecurity related headlines and stories happening around the world.  Staying updated on national headlines reinforces the importance of individual cybersecurity.

Microsoft Imitation Comprises 19% of All Phishing Attempts

Microsoft is one of the most mimicked brands when it comes to phishing and scam emails. Research group Check Point found that Microsoft leapt from fifth place in the second quarter (accounting for 7% of attacks), to first place (19% of attacks) in the third quarter of this year. Behind Microsoft was DHL (9%), Google (9%), PayPal (6%), Netflix (6%), and others, including Facebook, Apple, WhatsApp, Amazon, and Instagram. 

Phishing Attempts Shift to Job Openings

During the pandemic, we saw record job losses and economic downturn. While the tides begin to turn on that front, hackers are taking advantage. Fortinet researchers are seeing new tactics used by cybercriminals to entice potential job candidates as the economy begins to re-open. We have already seen COVID-19 related scams proving that these malicious actors are willing to take advantage of other's misfortune.

Robinhood App Hacked

Last week, approximately 2,000 Robinhood accounts were hacked, according to Bloomberg. What's more troublesome is that many of these accounts were accessed in spite of having proper account protection in place. Robinhood has since emailed their estimated 13 million customers instructions for how to further secure their account. "If we determine through our investigation that the customer has sustained losses because of unauthorized activity, we will compensate the customer fully for those losses," a Robinhood spokesperson stated.

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