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The AG Update: Ep. 17

Alex Flitton
Jun 14, 2019 8:05:00 AM

Becklar Earns $25M Debt Facility, Artificial Intelligence, An AG Hero Story, And More...

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  1. Becklar Earns $25M Debt Facility
  2. Artificial Intelligence Vs. Machine Learning
  3. AvantGuard Hero Story


Becklar Earns $25M Debt Facility

It’s a big month for AvantGuard because Becklar, AvantGuard’s parent company, recently acquired a $25M debt facility, which will give AvantGuard and sister company, Freeus, additional resources for expansion.

We’ve already announced our third central station, and this new source of capital can be used to open the new location, among other new initiatives.

The Becklar executive team partnered with Henry Edmonds and the Edmonds Group team to choose a bank and ultimately acquire the debt facility.

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Becklar, new debt facility, avantguard monitoring

Artificial Intelligence Vs. Machine Learning

Do you know the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning? The two terms have become ubiquitous in the security, PERS and especially the IoT industries, but what do they mean? And how do they apply to you or your customers?

In one of our most recent articles, we provide an in-depth explanation of each term, what they mean, and how they apply to you and your customers.

Be sure to take a look, because it’s only a matter of time before these technologies become completely commonplace in the average person’s home and business.

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artificial intelligence, machine learning

AvantGuard Hero Story

The time has come for another AvantGuard hero story. This month, one young subscriber had just transferred a load of laundry to her dryer when a billow of smoke came out of her laundry room.

She had gotten outside to her front lawn when she was already receiving a call from an AvantGuard operator.

Within minutes, help was already on the way, and Morgan, the subscriber was already to safety. Luckily, her home was saved and only had to replace a minimal number of items.

In addition to reading about this awesome story, we’ve also included some statistics you can forward onto your own customers about safety in their own homes for fire prevention, especially when it comes to keeping those laundry rooms from getting hazardous.

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