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Our Top 5 Security Monitoring Webinars

Apr 1, 2020 8:00:00 AM

This webinar explains’s available resources to provide end-to-end needs for service partners. Through their services, you can keep customers continuously engaged to reduce attrition and generate more referrals. helps create unique campaigns for you to engage your customers.

Product upselling is another key point in what provides. Through upsell email campaigns and upsell offers on the application, you can provide customers with the products they need at the pricing you choose. This webinar is certainly worth security monitoring dealers looking for promotional and engagement help through

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Steven Hayes is a former United States Marine and now President of He personally describes the platform as a “business-in-a-box” for security industry professionals. The webinar, Account Management and Payment Collections for Sales and Technicians, helps security monitoring dealers manage different types of sales and properly engage customers without rolling a truck. If a truck does need to be rolled, Steven discusses techniques for technicians to collect payment at the time of the work order. Any technician should view this webinar.

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Optex Powered by CHeKT

This webinar covers a lot of topics. First is the Bridge powered by CHeKT. This is a unique video verification solution that essentially “bridges” any ONVIF video system to new or existing security systems. This technology solution is simple and can streamline security systems quickly and efficiently.

This webinar also discusses everybody’s favorite topic: RMR. We all want to have the best RMR numbers and increase retention. That is the overall goal in this business. This webinar has insight on how to achieve that.

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The name of the game in sales is to get the most value from every customer contract. SecureNet joined the AvantGuard Webinar Series to provide great insight on how sales professionals can form better habits when selling and installing security systems. It might seem like a small thing to adjust, but your company’s bottom line will surely thank you in the long run. Anyone involved in sales within the security industry should give this unique webinar a watch.

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securenet webinar

Wave Electronics

Wave Electronics offers a lot for any dealer in the security monitoring industry. This brand building partner offers everything from marketing services like email campaigns and business cards to delivering equipment straight to your consumer while your technician goes to do the install. Wave Electronics does much of the ground level work for your security monitoring company, so you can do what your company does best: service your customers in the best way possible.

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wave electonics webinar

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