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Interlogix to Shut Down U.S. and Canada Businesses

Sep 20, 2019 2:14:36 PM

The video, security, and equipment company said in an email sent to its distributors, that the company is planning to shut down operations, but they will still continue tech support, product and warranty obligations through 2020.

This news comes as a surprise to many dealers in the industry. Interlogix plans to have their sales team reach out to its dealers to get a final count on inventory and piece together final buys of products. Interlogix is prepared for the increased demand of final sales and says they will continue to fill orders as they are received.

The company that was the result of a merger between ITI and SLC Technologies will be closing up shop at the end of 2019. Interlogix has been around since 2000, but the company has decided to seek other opportunities in the fire and security industry. This will likely impact many dealers, especially those who rely heavily on Interlogix for its video equipment orders.

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