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Hybrid Monitoring Solutions To Help Security Dealers Through COVID-19 and Beyond

Mar 25, 2020 9:12:15 AM

We are surely in unprecedented times. The novel coronavirus has created its share of unrest — truth be told, there is no telling when this dark period will end. This uncertainty weighs heavy on the minds of many security dealers far and wide, especially those who maintain their own central stations. Many of which don’t have the means to have employees work from home, even under the new UL guidelines. One ill operator could effectively shut down a small central station.

The best way to avoid major turbulent scenarios is to consider AvantGuard Monitoring Centers as a hybrid monitoring partner.

What is Hybrid Monitoring

Hybrid monitoring is a way for your central station to remain operational, but bolster its resources — in technology and operator power — with AvantGuard Monitoring Centers’. There isn’t one end-all-be-all solution for hybrid monitoring. AvantGuard understands that every central station brings along specific needs. That’s why AG provides a number of different hybrid solutions, so your alarm monitoring company can have its specific needs fulfilled.

Cloud-Based Solution

With this option, dealers would no longer need to purchase or support any monitoring specific receivers, servers, or hardware. All alarm traffic would be migrated to AvantGuard’s existing batch of receivers. AvantGuard would then provide redundant and load-shared monitoring portals, including through an optional on-site hardware appliance, for client’s agents to use in processing all client alarms.The dealer’s operators still manage all alarms.

In this scenario, AvantGuard is essentially the backbone for the monitoring center technology. If you aren’t concerned about technology, but operator assistance, you should consider the option below.

Hybrid Operator Solution

In this option, AvantGuard agents usually handle all high-priority alarms (burglar, fire, panic, etc.) and the dealer’s agents handle the lower priority signals, such as low battery signals and other low priority calls, allowing the dealer’s agents to provide important customer service functions which result from such low-priority calls like scheduling service calls.

Complete Contact Solution

Staffing, training, and technology decisions can be very time consuming and are often underestimated when considering the costs of running a monitoring facility. In this solution, AvantGuard handles all monitoring processes. This provides the greatest expense savings as well as reducing direct operational costs.

Custom Solution

If you find that your company — especially during this current time period with COVID-19 — is in a unique situation, we can customize our hybrid solutions to fit your needs. Reach out to us here, and let us create a custom hybrid solution that keeps you operational during uncertain times.

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