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Dealers Can Gain New Skills Through ESA National Training School

Nov 5, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Did you know that ESA has a National Training School to help technicians, installers and dealers within the security industry sharpen their skills, learn new ones, and receive certificates in number of different areas? They offer a number of career programs, CEU credit opportunities, and license trainings any technician can take online.

What’s Available

The ESA National Training school hosts a plethora of online courses and tutorials. Not only are there certificate trainings for fire and security sectors, but also courses on a variety of topics to help you run your business effectively. Need a little brush up on your math skills? There’s a course for that. Starting a new business and you want to review the basics of customer service? That’s available as well. Their robust library covers a wide variety of training needs.

The ESA National Training School website has a convenient layout that is easy to navigate. The most popular courses, as well as new and recently updated trainings populate the web page as they become available. Technicians or trainees can even search by state to see what courses are available in their immediate area.

ESA has recently released four new courses to help dealers, installers and technicians with auxiliary equipment, monitor selection and troubleshooting, transmission video, and camera and lens considerations. You can read more about these new courses here.

Cost of Trainings

Courses are reasonably priced and are less expensive for ESA members. In many instances, trainings are often $100 less compared to non-members. The most recent fire and security trainings start around $285 for the complete course. Many of them are work at your own pace, so technicians can complete trainings on their own time, without having to miss work.

Where to Get Started

For technicians, installers, dealers, or really anybody in the security or fire industry that want to continue their education and enhance their skillset, you can go to the ESA National Training School website to find out more about these courses and see what is offered in your area.

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