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Crash Detection In The Internet of Things

Alex Flitton
Jun 21, 2018 8:05:00 AM

The Internet of Things is exploding at an alarming rate, causing entire industries to emerge. Crash Detection is one such industry providing unique resources to parents, caregivers and guardians. Even though its title implies mere crash detection, these devices are often capable of much more.

Crash detection

Crash detection is a feature that only 14.3 percent of cars have factory installed. That means the potential market for these devices is quite large, making it a product worthy of highlight. A crash detection feature cannot prevent crashes, but it can certainly alert authorities much faster than without it.

Saving Lives In The Golden Hour

According to the Association For Safe International Road Travel, there are nearly 3287 deaths per day in road crashes. What is most important to note, is that one hour after a crash, known as the “golden hour,” is the window of time where most lives are saved.

Two-way communication between drivers and a central station is essential in these cases to provide as much validating information before a dispatch is made. Additionally, when a dispatch is requested, or a driver is non-responsive, health data such as blood type, health conditions or special care needs can be sent to the EMS dispatch professionals to provide the best care upon arriving on scene.

Data collection and delivery

For parents or caregivers who purchase these devices for family members, data collection such as travel history or boundary violations can provide peace of mind. For example, if grandma decides to go on a drive out of state, an alert can be sent to the caregivers, letting them know that she is no longer in a range that will allow them to provide quick response if she were to fall or need medication delivered to her.

Among parents of teenagers, this device could help develop trust and keep parents notified so they don’t have to worry or make annoying checkups. The same goes for grandma as she makes her regular trips to the pharmacy or community center. Caregivers can access the travel history to keep up on her activities without having to regularly ask.

Recurring monthly revenue

For dealers looking to implement crash detection devices in their business model, they can rest assured knowing they will find an additional source of recurring monthly revenue. Crash detection devices come with monitoring and make emergency response much more effective, especially at least expected times. Dealers can use all of the above information to develop unique selling points and market the products to consumers. The next step is finding the right product to sell.


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