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An Innovative Solution for Alarm Verification

Jun 30, 2022 11:38:16 AM

Unanswered calls to confirm alarm signals are presenting a challenge that requires an innovative solution. AvantGuard offers a simple solution to combat the negative impacts of unanswered calls. It’s called AG Chat – our free alarm verification service that speeds up response times, decreases false alarm dispatches, and helps customers make better informed decisions. To use AG Chat, AvantGuard texts users and their contact list a link to join a secure group chat where they can either dismiss or validate alarms. 


The ‘Unanswered Calls’ Problem 

Unanswered calls disrupts our monitoring center's ability to serve  customers in the following ways: 

  • With 70% of calls going unanswered, it takes on average three phone calls before reaching someone to validate the signal 
  • These unanswered calls increase the time to first engagement to roughly two minutes 
  • By the time someone is finally contacted, the average time to dispatch has ballooned to five minutes 
  • An overwhelming 95% of alarm dispatches are on false alarms 

The trend is apparent — people are not answering their phones. This has led to increased false alarm signals received and dispatched. The increase in false alarms is raising costs for central stations, dealers, and even subscribers through city ordinance fines, ultimately ending in subscriber attrition.  

An Innovative Solution to Unanswered Calls 

According to Gartner’s research, open rates of text messages are 98%. AG Chat provides a preferred way for customers to communicate with their listed contacts and alarm service. The best part, AG Chat is easy to add to a dealer's accounts and is a completely free service.  

 Accounts using AG Chat have experienced several benefits including: 

  • Reducing false alarm dispatches by 54%   
  • Dramatically reducing the time to first engagement for enhanced subscriber safety 
  • Decreasing costs associated with fines for both dealers and their customers while enhancing their overall safety and service  

AvantGuard's AG Chat tool was recently recognized by by the Electronic Security Association (ESA) with their Innovation Award for Interactive Services for End Users. Additionally, at the ESA's 2022 ESX event, AG received the ESX Dispatch Technology Award for best alarm dispatch technology, which includes the AG Chat tool.

All it takes to get set up with AG Chat is one simple conversation with your local AG rep at (866) 880-9591 or by email at to activate the service for you. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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