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AG Onsite: Novi Security

Mandee Thomas
Nov 20, 2018 8:05:00 AM


Mandee: Hi there. I'm Mandee from AvantGuard and today, joining me, I have Jeff Keller from Novi security. He's the director of sales & marketing and he's been in the security industry for nearly 15 years. So, Jeff, tell us a little bit about Novi.

Jeff: Well, Novi is a startup company that's based out of Orem, Utah. It originally started as a class project at BYU with a number of students that were trying to find an entrepreneurial project for their course. And they originally went out and did some research to get started. One thing they thought of was if we can give somebody an alarm system on their car that sends a text message, people might be interested. In the end, people said no. One person said, well, if you do that for my home I'm all in. I would take that idea.

So from there it went through a class project kind of selection process and it was kind of at the bottom of the list. At the end, however, it was voted as the most likely to succeed. And the class project went from there into the design process. So they designed the product, built a little beta-sized device they could potentially take to market. And from there it branched out into further development and production. And testing was at point on Kickstarter. And from there really launched us and we've sold in over 50 countries to this point. It's a very simple simple device and we can get into the details of how it functions shortly.

Mandee: Awesome. Well that's really cool that it started as a class project. So how do you think Novi is different from other security camera companies?

Jeff: Well first, we're not just a camera. So in a lot of the security world, a camera is always recording, and it's always been more for a forensic review, after-the-fact type of an event. In today's world, with smart cameras, they will send a notification and say something's happening. With us we're more than just camera, we are a camera along with other devices built in, such as a motion sensor and a smoke sensor. We not only have those other devices but we throw that control directly to the user. And so now they're able to back to that class project idea say Hey I would like that notification to me.

So one we're more than just a camera. Two, we're putting the user in control. And which is what technology has done today for users. And three is the simplicity of the product. Traditionally you have a large alarm panel with hard wires and then you get into the wireless side of things to have a control panel. But with Novi, it's a simple plug-and-play, 5–10 minute install and your system is up and running.

Mandee: That's awesome. So tell us a little about the products you brought today. So we have here the Novi, all-in-one sensor. Will you tell us about that?

Jeff: Correct, so we sell our product in the kit. We'll talk about the main kit first. It consists of two devices, the first one you mentioned is the Novi all-in-one sensor. In the sensor we have built in to air a camera with 170 degree field of view a motion sensor, a siren, a smoke sensor, and a flash. And it all runs on four AA batteries, which are inside the device, the cover slides down, You can see there's fordable batteries in there which have a 12 month life. It has a magnetic pull to keep the camera connected, so when you get in on the ceiling you can put it up, twist it as needed, and it gives you your field of view. So you can really just that if you ever need to change batteries. You can pull it off and put right back up. It doesn't require any additional tools.

Mandee: So why do you think inflation companies would be interested in your product?

Jeff: Installations companies will be interested for two reasons. One is, back to the simplicity side of things, when they're at a job site, they can simply upsell. If they're doing something different, they can upsell this as a product offering and literally plug and play. Or two, they can also sell it as part of their primary security offering. Maybe they already have a primary offer, but this camera can come in as a secondary backup. We found in a lot of the discussions we've had with security contractors, security integrators and other providers. That due to credit qualifications and other challenges that they actually are having potential customers fall off the back end. So, with our solution, it gives them an option to sell it as a standalone system or they can incorporate it into their platform as a secondary monitoring system which also allows them to continue with their revenue model in being able to sign them up for professional monitoring and continue down that whole process of having a long term customer.

Mandee: On the customer's side of things, why will customers like this product?

Jeff: Customers like it because the technology that it has. It combines a number of devices into one. It gives them remote notification regardless of where they, are as long as they're connected. Which we always are on our phones these days, right? And it's all app-based. So they don't have to have the wires, they don't have to have a large control panel, they don't have to have somebody coming their home with drills and making it a cumbersome installation. Once it's up and it's running, it's very intuitive for them and low maintenance. Really all they have to do is replace batteries when they go dead after 12 months.

Mandee: That sounds great. Well thank you for joining us today, Jeff. We really appreciate it. Where can viewers go to find out more?

Jeff: Dealers are welcome to contact us directly to find out more about our dealer program which we have in place to help them get set up and selling the product. Then they can also go to our website - - for additional details and content information such as specifications and some other details that will help them get a better idea of who we are and what we do.

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