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A List of Awards Your Security Alarm Business Needs

Alex Flitton
Jun 15, 2018 8:05:00 AM

Low-Budget Marketing Technique #1

Before we get into the list of awards your security alarm business needs, we should establish a core marketing concept that distinguishes paid media from earned media. Paid media accounts for your advertising efforts, both online and in print. It establishes your unique value proposition (UVP) and informs customers about how your product or service outperforms the competition.

Advertising Alternatives

UVPs typically focus on consumers’ needs and seeks to solve them. Advertising is most often used to remind people that your brand exists and to keep your name at the front of their minds when the time comes to buy.

The only problem with advertising is it can be incredibly expensive. And that is where earned media comes in. Advertisements are annoying and consumers have even learned to completely ignore them, a phenomenon called Banner Blindness.

How Consumers Find What They Want

When people do research to find the right product, they don’t look at advertisements, they look for reviews, awards, news coverage and product specs and pricing. If you didn’t already know, 81% of shoppers research online before buying, and according to, 90% say that an online review is more important than input from a sales professional.

To help your security alarm business stand apart, we will first discuss the role of industry awards and even give you a comprehensive list to get you started.

Shopping can be intimidating, and consumers have found unique ways to avoid the confusion and break through the advertising noise. One of the ways consumers validate a brand is by comparing accolades.

Awards are given to those who apply for them

Interestingly enough, industry awards are not given because your company was sought out. Awards are given to those who apply for them. This may seem like a strange concept, it it could even disrupt the way you value awards, and it should. Although awards are often given to deserving companies, they are often given to different companies each year. That means, the award givers are looking for a diverse recipient pool. And best of all, if your company hasn’t earned one in the past, and you deserve it, your chances of winning can be pretty high.

Awards Mean More To Those Who Tout Them

After you win an award, there is still a mountain of work ahead of you because if you win it and consumers never hear about it, the award is useless.

  • Dedicate Real Estate On Your Website’s Home Page - Put that shiny new medal at the top near your menu options or at the top of your home page content. The more visible, the better.
    • Alert The Media! - Send a news release about how you won a coveted award and brought honor to your small town. Make it relevant and newsworthy, otherwise no one will publish it.
    • Develop A Trophy Case - Create a unique page about your awards. Describe what each one means and what it took to earn them. A trophy case will gradually grow your rapport and help earn consumers’ trust. There’s nothing more trustworthy than a company with 20+ awards that they know and recognize.

Start With These:

  1. Angie’s List Super Service Award
  2. BBB Accredited Business
  3. SDM Dealer Of The Year
  4. Security Products Magazine Product of the Year
  5. Police Dispatch Quality Award (PDQ Award)
  6. SSI’s Sammy Awards

These are industry awards and do not reflect awards that may be available in your local area. Search the websites of your local media and try to find approval professionals or awards you can apply for.

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