AvantGuard is proud to announce their new SMS communication platform. It allows your subscribers to interact simultaneously when an alarm goes off, improving communication, response time and saving you money. Imagine significantly reducing false dispatches, improving response times up to 90%, and reaching out to every member on the account at the exact same time. AG chat makes that happen.

Decrease False Dispatches

Team correlation through a group chat provides opportunities for a contact to dismiss what they know to be a false alarm, even if they are the fourth person down the list.

Communicate Conveniently

Sometimes taking a call is too inconvenient. The SMS communication method reaches subscribers in a way that is much more accessible.

Send Simultaneous Alerts

Imagine every contact getting notified at the same time. If at least one member of the group knows what’s going on, he or she can respond most appropriately. So much gets done in so little time.

Make Better-Informed Decisions

When all contacts have the opportunity to respond at the same time, the team can provide their unique insights into what’s going on.

Send Dispatch Faster

When contacts don’t respond, a preset time limit expires, the operator receives notice and dispatch gets sent.

Maintain Security Quality

Even if a burglar happens to gain access to a subscriber's cell phone, they still need to enter a verification passcode before dispatch is canceled.


Updating A Hundred-Year-Old Industry

Not much has changed in the alarm monitoring industry when it comes to processing. An alarm signal gets sent out, an operator responds, there may or may not be an actual intruder, and police is sent. Without an added layer of verification, dealers are opening themselves up to unnecessary liabilities and bothersome fees.

All For Free

One of the best parts of AG Chat is it is completely free. It allows dealers to get the partnership they want without having to pay more for it. We pride ourselves on providing customizable relationships and believe strongly managing partnerships, not customer/seller relationships.


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Hybrid Monitoring Makes That Happen

Alarm companies often feel that they must choose between providing an intimate customer experience and saving money by outsourcing their monitoring services.


You will find five possible solutions for central station monitoring in this guide with the pros and cons to each scenario listed in an easy-to-scan format.


If you would like more information on the best monitoring option for your business, contact our National Sales Manager, Matt Brandon, at mbrandon@agmonitoring.com.

in an easy-to-scan format.