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Your guide to the PERS product landscape

Understanding PERS Products Better

PERS products utilize several different technologies to protect users. From the methods of communication, to whether or not they detect falls, specific types of PERS devices serve specific purposes for the unique needs of each individual. In this PERS product guide, you will learn about each of those technologies and the needs they serve. 


What This Guide Covers

Types Of PERS Devices

This guide covers each type of PERS device currently on the market. From Landline and cellular in-home units, to mobile PERS devices, we take a look at the pros and cons of each from the consumer perspective.

Traditional PERS

We take a quick dive into the types of traditional PERS devices that are available in the market for customers to use in their homes. These units are defined by their use in the home, rather than in a mobile format.


We also look at mobile PERS Devices, the fastest growing segment of the PERS industry. Defined by their ability to deliver location tracking technology and function without a landline, mPERS devices hold great promise.

Network Types & Speeds

Each PERS devices leverages different communication technology to function with a central station. This guide covers the different networks, their pros and cons, and what we can expect to see in the future. 

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Know Your PERS Products