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The PERS Devices eGuide 2020

Your guide to the PERS product market.
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Introduction Into PERS

Personal emergency response systems or PERS devices help provide senior citizens and lone workers protection in the event of an emergency. There are countless numbers of PERS devices out on the market today.

Traditional PERS are generally used only inside the home. The system requires a base station that is connected to a landline or cell network, but doesn’t allow the user to venture far outside of the home. mPERS provide the user mobility. mPERS use cell network coverage, GPS and WiFi to provide access to locate the user, and send emergency to them. Each one works a little different in locating the user, which is discussed a little later. 

Finally, we are starting to see new technology emerge in the PERS industry. In home devices that don’t require a pendant and watches with emergency response technology are becoming more prominent in the industry.

The industry can be confusing to navigate considering the amount of PERS devices alone. That’s why we put together this eGuide to help you provide your PERS customers with the best technology available today.

The PERS Device Guide Cover

What This PERS Guide Covers


We take a look at some of the traditional, and new technologies in the PERS industry. We look at products that are exclusively used in the home, devices that are for mobile users, and new technology that is starting to change the landscape of the PERS industry.

Traditional PERS

Even though mPERS are becoming a far more popular device for PERS dealers and customers, traditional PERS still have a significant place in the PERS market. We take a quick look at a few traditional PERS devices, and some of the key features to help you understand the functionality of these devices.


We look into mPERS devices that will help people be more mobile while staying protected. These include devices that are both pendants and watches. We take a look at some key features so you can device what is best for you.

The Future of PERS

We quickly discuss where the technology is heading. Not only in terms of wearables, but also non-wearable technology, and the future of cellular networks and what that means for the PERS industry.

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