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A Full-Suite Management Software For Your Alarm Business

Cornerstone’s billing solution handles everything, from sales management, to installation, and customer relationship management. Now you can finally track RMR, manage accounts and integrate with your central station.


This integration requires both Cornerstone and AvantGuard Learn More.


Built For RMR-Based Companies

No matter your industry, the Cornerstone billing solution is perfect for RMR-based businesses that keep track of inventory, technician scheduling, service tickets, billing, invoices, online payments and more.

The software allows you to not only track your RMR, but the details of where your RMR comes from. Set up your data right the first time so you can mine it for insights later.

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Easy To Use

Even though the Cornerstone billing solution is a robust management software, that doesn’t mean it isn’t intuitive to use. Leveraging a simple sidebar menu system, you can easily find what you need at a glance, and finish tasks quickly.

The Cornerstone billing solution was designed to be used by everyone in your office and outside managing systems. If you all work together, you might as well be in the same software environment.

cornerstone billing solutions, integration, CRM, alarm


  • “All In One Place” Customer Records
  • Work Orders
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Service Calendar
  • Mobile Field Service
  • Prospects & Quotes
  • Online Payment Portal
  • eSignature
  • Collections Module
  • Central Station Audits
  • Powerful Reports
  • Customer Communication Tools

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