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Integrated Video, Made Simpler, And More Powerful

CHeKT offers the simplest integrated video solution in the market, making it possible to integrate nearly any camera with the central station.


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The Low-Cost Integrated Video Solution 

CHeKT offers one of the simplest video integration systems on the market. By connecting your customers' panels and cameras through the CHeKT Bridge, you eliminate the need for port-forwarding or network setup. In addition, your technicians barely need additional training to get started.

CHeKT won the 2019 SIA NPS Commercial Monitoring Solution Award for its innovative integration technology.

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Designed For Ultimate Compatibility

The CHeKT Bridge makes all the difference for this video integration company, because it eliminates the traditional barriers that dealers face when trying to connect cameras with their central station.

"The CHeKT Bridge is a revolutionary device that simply sits in-line on the zones of any alarm panel. The Bridge will pair cameras with those zones and send video to a central station operator, only when your alarm panel is armed and when an alarm occurs."
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  • Verified response
  • Reduced false alarms
  • Faster emergency response
  • Works with ALL alarm panels
  • Integrated with Stages software
  • 30-minute Installation time
  • Simple setup
  • Direct video feed to central station
  • Compatible with all ONVIF standard cameras
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