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Increase your efficiency and customer satisfaction

Managing your customer relationships can be tricky, and the technology you use should help make that process easier. That’s exactly what the Alarm.com/AvantGuard integration works to achieve. Now, you can establish and maintain a single source of customer information across two different platforms.


This integration requires both Alarm.com and AvantGuard Learn More.


Simple Contact Management

Never worry again, about having to make customer data entries in two different places. With the AvantGuard, Alarm.com integration, when you update your customers’ information (i.e. customer name, phone) in an Alarm.com software, it is automatically updated in AvantGuards automation software.

In addition, when your customers update their own emergency contact information in the Alarm.com app or customer website, it still gets updated in the AvantGuard software.

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Easy System Control

Using the Alarm.com dealer website or MobileTech, you can place a system on and off test with the AvantGuard central station. Top top it all off, when you add a device to your customer’s system, the zone list (zone ID, sensor description, and dispatch code) is automatically updated in the AvantGuard automation software.



  • “All In One Place” Customer Records
  • Work Orders
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Service Calendar
  • Mobile Field Service
  • Prospects & Quotes
  • Online Payment Portal
  • eSignature
  • Collections Module
  • Central Station Audits
  • Powerful Reports
  • Customer Communication Tools

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