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Trimega Software: Recover Up to 3.6% of Previously Lost Revenue

Trimega Software™, the Alarm industry’s newest CRM and Intelligent Billing platform is introducing a new service that everyone who is taking ACH or credit card payments can use and benefit from in every transaction. It’s called Data Merchant Service Optimization (DMSO).

In simple terms, this service optimizes the information in the course of taking a payment, thereby empowering data to drive payment success while reducing the cost automatically. Trimega’s Data Merchant Service Optimization (DMSO) is a game changer for business to business, business to consumer, and recurring transactions.

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Recover up to 3.6% of Previously Lost Revenue


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David Lundgreen | Senior Executive Officer | Trimega Software
Erik Olson | Senior Executive Officer | Trimega Software

About David Lundgreen & Erik Olson

David co-founded Trimega Software™ in 2019, bringing 20+ years software and SaaS enterprise sales and leadership experience.  David’s background extends across government, service, commercial and construction industries. David built his career on solving customer challenges through innovative technology.  Through Trimega Software, he is focused on solving alarm industry challenges through single-platform solutions and workflows that are purpose-built and enable collaboration and real-time information reporting.  David holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brigham Young University. 

Erik co-founded Trimega Software™ in 2019, with over 10 years experience in the Alarm world, combined with 20+ years of selling software & technology into government, educational, commercial, & service entities. He brings best practices across these industries back into the Alarm world to provide scalable solutions that drive growth and enable organization success. Erik holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Western Governors University and Bachelor of Arts minor from Brigham Young University.