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An Introduction to Theora Care

Older Americans are living longer, are active, independent and want to remain in their homes. They want to feel younger and use technology that doesn’t stigmatize. Learn what these older people want in a mobile PERS device, what the new wristwatch-style, intelligent PERS wearables can provide and how AvantGuard dealers can increase sales revenues and value for their customers.

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The New Generation of 4G PERS Wearables

Stephen Popovich



Stephen Popovich, Founder Clairvoyant Networks LLC

About Stephen Popovich

Stephen Popovich, an innovator in connectivity technology, has 30 years experience in executive management, enterprise sales, operations, and marketing.  He has been named named Fellow to the Texas A&M University (TAMU) Center for Population Health and Aging (CPHA), and is a frequent speaker on elder care technology and trends.

Steve has founded or been the first employee of three companies that have been successfully acquired by public companies:

  • Local Data - acquired by Andrew Corporation
  • LAN Access Corporation - acquired by Digi International
  • Inside Out Networks - acquired by Digi International.

His commercial innovations include both business operational innovations in quality control and manufacturing; and technology innovations in multi-protocol connectivity, USB connectivity, IoT and sensor products, medical device products, and medical device to EHR connectivity. Technology innovations include RFID, gateway, cellular, UWB, and cloud (SaaS).

In 2015, a family member of Steve’s was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Naturally, he looked for the enabling technology for Alzheimer’s caregiving. What he discovered were single use solutions that were not interconnected or interoperable and often very difficult to use. In 2015 he founded Clairvoyant Networks, LLC to create new, next generation technology that would improve the lives of those aging in place, in independent living, with memory care needs, and those who care for them.  Particular consideration and focus is placed on their loved ones and professional care providers by implementing simple to use, cost effective, IoT based solutions and services. These solutions include sensors, wearables, communication hardware, using cloud connectivity and predictive, streamlining analytics. These solutions support a continuum of care with scalable, easy to use and affordable technology that can be used in any living situation including in-home, senior communities, rehabilitation facilities, hospice and hospitals.