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Sierra Wireless: Growing Your  Business Beyond Traditional Alarm Monitoring

Learn how the Uplink 5500 can convert your business from traditional monitoring to remote monitoring to achieve ROI and increased RMR.

Growing Your Business Beyond Traditional Alarm Monitoring


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Growing Your Business Beyond Traditional Alarm Monitoring



John Malstrom
Dana Childers 

About John Malstrom & Dana Childers

John has spent over 25 years (10 of which in the security market) helping business owners grow their business’ through selling, customer service and recognizing new opportunities. In his current role as Director of Residential/Commercial Accounts with Uplink, a Sierra Wireless solution, John has the responsibility of helping security dealers grow through RMR programs, new partnerships and opportunities.
Dana has spent almost 20 years working in the Product Management with a focus on usability, reliability, and customer experience.  Her experience includes product development, design, and product management.  With Sierra Wireless, Dana is currently responsible for the security businesses, which includes Omnilink offender monitoring and Uplink cellular alarm communications and interactive services.