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Invisus: Diversify and Grow with Cybersecurity RMR

Dealers and central stations that offer cybersecurity solutions will create a significant competitive advantage in their market.  They will add new customers, boost customer retention, and substantially increase recurring monthly revenue per customer.



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Diversify and Grow with Cybersecurity RMR

james harrison


James Harrison | CEO | Invisus

About James Harrison

James is the founder and CEO of INVISUS, an industry pioneer in cybersecurity and identity theft protection for both the home and business markets.  As chief strategist and product visionary for INVISUS, he led the development of the company’s iDefend personal and home cyber defense program, as well as the InfoSafe cyber risk management platform for SMBs.  James frequently writes for, speaks and trains in a wide variety of industry and trade groups including financial services, legal, insurance, home security and automation, IT services, and more.