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Cornerstone Billing: Tips for Collecting Faster

A clear billing strategy and consistent collections process can help minimize receivables, and get payments in faster. In this webinar, Scott shares Cornerstone’s “best practices” that help keep their dealers’ receivables low and get payments in faster.

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Tips for Collecting Faster

Scott MacDougal

Scott MacDougal | President

Shea Tilton

Shea Tilton | Sales Representative

About Scott MacDougal & Shea Tilton

Scott MacDougal founded Cornerstone Billing Solutions 21 years ago, with a singular mission: to simplify account management for small and mid-sized security companies. That focus has helped Cornerstone build a loyal and very happy base of dealers nationwide. “I love taking complicated processes, and investing in software to make them simpler…faster, cheaper, and more reliable. Our cloud-based software is easy to navigate, and saves our dealers time and money.”

Shea Tilton joined Cornerstone Billing Solutions in 2019, intending to bring Cornerstone to the alarm community forefront. His objective is to make sure companies that need help with their recurring billing and alarm software get it. “My focus is to ensure we find the best customers – those dealers who value the simpler account administration that our solution delivers. Nothing is more satisfying than giving a customer the value of more time and more efficiency.