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AlarmHive: Protecting & Increasing RMR with Software

Recurring Monthly Revenue has proven to be a key to survival for the alarm industry. Dealers and monitoring stations have pivoted to focus on ways to increase and protect RMR, but business management software’s role is often overlooked. During this webinar, we will be discussing how you can utilize your software’s data to achieve your RMR goals and their external role in supporting your business. 

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Protecting & Increasing RMR with Software



Richard Brimhall | Co-Founder | AlarmHive

About Richard Brimhall

Having worked in the alarm industry for over a decade and in SaaS for the past six years, I have learned that no matter what the product is or offers, what matters are the people standing behind it and the people using it. I am dedicated to creating a culture within AlarmHive where we aren’t just a “software product,” but we are a hive that responds together in thoughts and actions. I will always do what is best for our people so they will always do their best for our clients. I am committed to a level of passion that will continue to drive our people and our products into the future. I will not settle for mediocrity. I believe in what we do, who does it, and whom we do it for.