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Aktify: Using Three Steps to Transform Your Sales Rep and Customer Experience

Technology should not replace people - it should enable people to produce an exponentially greater result. The process of having customers request information and sales reps chasing the customer until they are ready to hop on a call is outdated and ineffective. We live in 2021, where we have countless channels to work in and technology to do the mundane tasks, allowing sales reps to focus on closing the additional deals brought in by technology. Join this webinar to understand three ways sales teams and customers can not only have a better experience, but have the tools to satisfy their goals.

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Devan Baucom

Devan Baucom | Head of Partnerships | Aktify

About Devan Baucom

Devan Baucom leads the indirect sales program at Aktify. As one of the founding members of Aktify, Baucom headed up a large portion of the business's growth seeing exponential employee count and revenue increases.

Baucom has almost a decade of experience in B2C as well as B2B sales, leading sales teams and acting as advisors to businesses across various industries and continues to apply that experience to the current and future customers of Aktify.

He began his career selling to end users and, to this day, continues to learn about and understand that same space, as he works directly with sales and marketing leaders in the high-volume lead B2C space. Baucom holds a bachelor's degree from University of Utah in Finance.