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Ai-RGUS: Using Artificial Intelligence to Monitor Your Security Camera System's Performance

The software is unique and specifically designed for camera systems. It provides highly detailed information about any camera system problems, such as DVRs, NVRs, and servers, down to the camera level.

Ai-RGUS developed proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms to determine specifically if the cameras have problems of blur, block, tilt, glare, or low-light. This information is pulled from the system automatically and regularly, and with minimal setup time. The system includes configurable reports, scheduled and real-time alerts, and can be integrated into ticketing systems.

With this information, you can be sure you are promptly aware of any issues, so you can respond to any surveillance system issues quickly.

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Using Artificial Intelligence to Monitor Your Security Camera System's Performance



Joelle Grunblatt | CMO | Ai-RGUS

About Joelle Grunblatt

Joelle was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium. She has an MBA and also obtained a Master’s in Mathematics Education. Joelle is the former CFO of Glasol, a diamond office owned by the President of the Antwerp Diamond Exchange that served clients all over the globe.

Joelle owned a financial services company, customizing insurance and investment programs for individuals and businesses. She successfully developed her clientele by networking, hosting seminars, and social media marketing. She is also co-founder of SI Career Coaches which led her to pursue a Master's in mathematics education.

After graduating with her master’s in education she was a High School Math teacher in a NYC public school, New Dorp High School. Joelle moved to Las Vegas in January 2019 and joined Ai-RGUS as a co-founder. Joelle is currently bringing her expertise to Ai-RGUS as the Chief Marketing Officer.