Customize Your Products

Residential/commercial A/V, and security companies that do their own marketing can finally take a breath, knowing that life is about to get much easier.

Wave Electronics is a distributor for custom integrators and security companies of all types.

“I am very excited about this new partnership with WAVE, because it will help empower our dealers to do more than they ever have. In my experience, letting WAVE do all the heavy lifting makes life so much easier, and it helps that they have broad array of services to offer, from design, to marketing, and even product customization.

One of the hottest topics in the industry right now is DIY. A company who is already in this area of the market, or even considering it, will benefit greatly from WAVE's full-service programming and drop-shipping. They have entire kits in custom packaged boxes with their company logo and designs on it to give the end-user a complete experience.”

Jeff Dickerson

Jeff Dickerson
National Accounts, West
AvantGuard Monitoring


The best part about a relationship with WAVE Electronics is being able to hand off the logistics of product preparation to someone else, so you can focus on what you do best.


Wave offers free, 2-day shipping, and has more than 30 locations across the United States and Canada so you can work with a team in your area and get quick solutions for your needs.


WAVE works with some of the largest names in the industry and has the tenure to deliver exceptional results for you and your company, regardless of size.


The WAVE team is here to help you grow, so as you find new needs, they will be there every step of the way, making sure your needs are met.

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Custom Product Kits

WAVE offers full product kits in custom packaged boxes with your company logo, and designs on it to give the end-user a complete experience. Impress your DIY and commercial buyers every step of the way.

Graphic and Marketing Design

Get custom-designed business cards, flyers and even yard signs to help your business stand out from the rest. And the best part? You can have all of these services delivered in one place. No more having to work with five different businesses for five different services.

Technical Support

Although you won't need special training on any of the products that WAVE offers, they offer support for Savant Studio, and each of the other products they offer, like HDMI products, security cameras, and much more.

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