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How Do I Test Accounts Through Text?

Testing your accounts is as easy as sending a text. Follow these steps to set up your testing parameters and ensure your systems are running smoothly.

1. You must first set up your site group using your cell phone number and a 4 digit pin.

2. Once that is done you simply have to text 96225 with one of the following commands:

- Placing account on test: FOUR DIGIT PIN space ACCOUNT NUMBER space TEST (this will default to 4 hours)

Example: 1234 123456 TEST

- Test Results: ACCOUNT NUMBER space RESULTS

Example: 123456 RESULTS

- Clear Test: ACCOUNT NUMBER space CLEAR

Example: 123456 CLEAR

- Extend Test Time: ACCOUNT NUMBER space NUMBER OF HOURS (IE. 2) space EXTEND

Example: 123456 2 EXTEND

- Help (To Get List of Text Message Commands): HELP

Example: HELP

3. If you need help setting this up for your site group, you can reach out to your Dealer Care representative. If you do not have your representative's contact information, the Dealer Care Department can be reached by email at dealercare@agmonitoring.com or by phone at (866) 880-9591.