STAGES Mobile App Instructions

AvantGuard offers many unique services and capabilities, to give you as the dealer, the ability to place accounts on test faster. 

If you have cell service, you can use the mobile app to place your accounts on test.


Follow these simple steps to make each day more effective for your technicians,

and provide faster service for your customer’s needs. 

  • Step One

    Find the Stages application by searching iTunes (iPhone users), or the Android Market (Android users) for "Secure Global Solutions". The app name is "Stages". If you are a BlackBerry user you can find and download the app at:

  • Step Two

    Once you have it installed, enter the following information in the settings:  User Name: [Enter your user name that you use to log in into the stages dealer portal] HTTPS Server: 

  • Step Three

    Save your settings.  You will then be prompted to log in with your password. This is the same password you use to log in into the STAGES dealer portal.    NOW YOU ARE READY TO USE YOUR MOBILE APP. ENJOY SAVING TIME PLACING ACCOUNTS ON TEST!

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