A Shocking Situation


White House, TN   Sheree was leaving her house one morning when she accidentally put her car into drive instead of reverse.   Because she was in her garage, the tap on the accelerator sent her car into her living room, rupturing the water heater and dismantling the breaker box from the wall.   The… Continue reading

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Con Caught on Camera


  Ontario, CA   All of the employees were at home for the night when the car wash was broken into.   No one was walking on the nearby street to see what was happening, and the darkness of the night made it especially difficult to see clearly.   Because the business had video surveillance… Continue reading

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Impactful Intervention


Green Lake, WI Mark was in a dark place one midsummer’s evening. Feeling lonely, rejected and mentally tired, he consumed an entire bottle of pain relievers.   On the cusp of ending his life, the last thing Mark expected was a complete stranger telling him he is important.   Two hours after consuming the pain… Continue reading

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Smoking In School

Building on fire.

UT   Jolene, a teacher at a school in Utah, hurried to get to work earlier than usual, one dry summer morning.   Arriving before the other teachers, she expected to get a head start at grading a stack of tests. She did not expect, however, to be alone in a school when it started… Continue reading

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Suburban Pirate Plunders Car

Car break in

Mill Creek, WA   At the crack of dawn one beautiful July morning, Joan looked outside her window to see a suburban pirate plundering her car for valuables.   Thinking on her feet, she opened her front door without disarming her home’s burglar alarm, in order to sound the audible alert system and scare away… Continue reading

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