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Service Spotlight: Hybrid Monitoring

Apr 15, 2021 8:00:00 AM

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all monitoring solution. AG understands that every company has its own needs for central station monitoring. Beyond our comprehensive Wholesale Monitoring solutions, AG also provides Hybrid Monitoring options for businesses that have more finite specific needs.

How Does Hybrid Monitoring Work

Some of you may already have a central station, but without redundant technology. Or perhaps not enough operator staffing on weekends or holidays. These are difficulties that AG can assist with through our Hybrid Monitoring options.

For those who need additional technology and staffing, but don’t want to bear the costs of upgrading and hiring, our redundancy with full phone system options is robust and cost effective. AG provides you with our phone system, which in turn enables you to record your phone calls and gives you access to two-way communication and auto-dial. This also provides you with a library of recordings with participant logs that are easily accessible. Of course, this option also includes AG receiver redundancy to ensure that your customers will have service 24/7.

Existing Phone Systems

If you already have an existing phone system in place, and plenty of staffing, but you are a natural disaster or power outage away from losing signal communication, you have the option to use AG receivers and gain central station redundancy. You won’t have two-way communications through our system, or access to our phone call recording system, but you get to keep your existing system, and gain redundancy.

On the flip side, if you have receiver redundancy, but you are unhappy with your phone system, you can choose to use our phone system and keep your receivers. By going this route, you are able to use our auto-dial, phone recording and call history.


In order to decrease operating costs, security alarm providers can add on to the previous options by having AvantGuard take over after-hours, during weekends and on holidays, or whatever hourly needs you may need a little extra help. This reduces the worry of having potential disaster scenarios at inconvenient times.

AvantGuard has Resources for Your Business

With the provided options you shouldn’t worry about being understaffed or having your technology fail. Reach out to us about a hybrid solution that keeps you operational during uncertain times.

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