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AG Featurette: Michael Langell

Mandee Thomas
Apr 18, 2019 8:04:00 AM

Mike Langell is the Marketing Director at AvantGuard Monitoring. He has been a part of the team for just over one year, but has spearheaded a variety of initiatives that have led to unprecedented growth and development for his department within that time.

Langell has been in the marketing field for nearly 10 years, gaining experiences in a variety of different areas and industries within the marketing space. He earned his Bachelor Science degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Strategic Communication from the University of Utah in 2013. He is currently working on a Master of Business Administration degree and the University of Utah, and is scheduled to graduate in 2020.

While obtaining his undergraduate degree, Mike was a proud member of Phi Delta Theta where he participated in community service, leadership, and campus service events and programs. This experience also helped him learn the importance of working as part of a team and supporting those around him.

Through the various professional positions he has held, Langell has gained experience in a wide array of subsets within marketing such as data, forecasting, budgeting, strategy, print, seo, social media, and campaign management/design. He specializes in digital marketing and works to stay on the cutting edge of the marketing industry.

When asked about Langell’s contribution to AvantGuard, Justin Bailey, President of the company states, "Mike has led a significant change to our marketing strategy. He has helped professionalize our digital marketing efforts as well as lead change in our online approach. His metric-driven approach to marketing has helped us achieve our short term goals and is helping drive our future growth."

Mike has enjoyed being part of AvantGuard and seeing the company reach new heights while expanding its reach through improved online strategy.

When he’s not at the office, Langell enjoys cruising on his motorcycle, participating in triathlons (including recently completing his first Ironman race), and spending time with his wife and two sons. 

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