PERS/mPERS (mobile/GPS)

  • Climax-gold225x72

    For decades, Climax has applied its expertise to the innovation & manufacturing of security & medical alarms.

  • freeus-logo225x72

    Freeus offeres revolutionary mPERS: eResponder & eCare+Voice, driven by our powerful Orion platform.

  • logicmark225x72

    SentryPal is a GPS device that incorporates patented two-way voice technology in an medical alert pendant.

  • Mytrex72

    Mytrex has vast experience designing PERS as well as monitoring software & hardware used to monitor PERS.

  • Numera225x72

    Numera Libris gives individuals freedom, security & the ability to manage their health wherever they are.

  • Telguard225x72

    Telguard's technology and service provides a robust, easy to install cellular solution without a telephone line.

  • alarm.com225x72 Wellness offeres a secure and cost-effective option for independent living with safety, security and comfort.

  • LiveFree72

    LiveFree Emergency Response is proud to offer the world's most advanced system for mobile personal emergency response.

  • Snapfon225x72

    At Snapfon we always have seniors in mind. We have designed the industry-leading senior cell phone.

  • Instantcare72

    Instant Care is the only console designed to save lives by preventing medical emergencies before they occur.

  • Anelto's PERS device makes life easier for seniors and their caregivers with next generation location technology and other safety solutions.

  • Onköl is taking a big step in connecting the PERS and Security industries. With their Onköl Hub, subscribers can connect peripheral PERS and Security devices while maintaining their independence.

  • Our mission is to extend independence with dignity for millions of vulnerable seniors. Introducing the first all-in-one, voice-controlled device designed to keep you independent, active and safe.

  • mPERS providers who host an in-house portal and dealer program.

Smart Phone Applications (mPERS)

  • imsafeheader225x72

    imSafe turns your iPhone or Android phone into a personal security system with a team of security professionals ready to answer your call for help.

  • onguardhelp225x72

    You're never alone with your personal bodyguard, OnGuardHelp, your emergency safety app.

  • guardianmps225x72

    GuardianMPS Central Station Monitoring will send help 24/7, no matter what you do or shere you are!


  • mfs-supply

    Implement lock boxes with your subscribers to give ease of access to EMS and prevent property damage during emergency home entry.