Our Mission

We are the relationships-first monitoring center. Our mission is to provide the best service possible to the dealers we partner with and the subscribers we protect. To constantly improve efficiency by creating processes new to the monitoring industry, investing in better technology and designing procedures for faster response. And, to promote development for our team members, our technology and the way we approach challenges.

What We Do

We are a third-party monitoring center. We monitor anything that sends a signal and requires a responder on the other end. We don't sell alarm systems, and we don't install them. companies hire us to monitor for them because it saves them money and time.


Josh Garner
Chief Executive Officer
Justin Bailey
President & COO
Corey Taylor
Chief Financial Officer
Troy Iverson
Vice President, Sales
Suzie Nye
Vice President, Operations
Rich Watts
Vice President, Information Technology
Rich Slater
Vice President, Human Resources
Leif Boren
Dealer Services Manager
Matthew Brandon
National Sales Manager
Vianey Sanchez
Account Executive
Veronica Smith
Account Executive
Ammon Davis
Account Executive